Biography of the great authors
By Akihiko Kaminoyama
Learns from Aiko Sato

As a seeker after truth, and as a missionary

Only this writer was stormy life? Or all the generations that experienced war were a stormy generations? I was born in 1957, after the World War II. When I hear the talks of people who survived the turbulent times of during the war and the postwar, I always have a feelng of surprise and impression to all, Therefore, my analysis tends to become quite partial.
Aiko Sato is a famous pure literature writer in Japan. She was born in Osaka-city, Japan, in 1923. She graduated from the Konan girls' high school under the old system education.
She was a younger half-sister of Hachiro Sato who was a famous poet in Japan.
In 1969, she won the Naoki Prize by "Fight ended, and day was declining."
Aiko Sato was a naive woman. She got married at a young age in the prewar days. And she faced the end of the war. She is expressing the feeling at the end of the war, saying "Hope has sprung" and "I repented of having got married rashly." Since the husband became drug addiction, she lived in separate houses after four years. The husband was dead after the two years.
She returned to single at the age of 25. She determined to earn her bread by writing novels. A long time ago, the father had said, "my daughter has literary talent", seeing her letter. Thatfs why she made up her mind. She was convinced that she could earn money by writing a novel.
Aiko Satou wrote the manuscript everyday and took part in the prizes. In order to participate in a prize of a newspaper publishing company,, she directly carried the manuscript into the newspaper publishing company. One day, she got an introduction to a chief editor of a magazine, and asked him to review her manuscripts. She was just a fearless woman. She said, "Why could I such a thing?h, looking back upon that time.

She joined the coterie magazine a "literature capital" after a while. It was the main activity which members gathered their own works, and criticized mutually. Mugihiko Tabata whom she would marry behind and Morio Kita were the members.
Aiko Satou was unique among them. She did not write a novel, if a husband did not become drug addiction. Since she could not anything else, she made up her mind to write novels and to earn a living. She claimed so. There is no affectation in her words, and there is also no self-justification. Conversely, I feel gentleness for it.
Aiko Satou continued to write works every day. At the time of the start, she wrote following her favorite writer's example.

Her writing style was refined gradually. And the original style was completed. By the encouragement and high evaluation of friends, she grew as a Naoki Prize writer.
I had prejudice in the past that Aiko Sato would become a writer by using the power of her father. It was a mistake.
She as well as other writers worried and suffered, and she built up her world.

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