Biography of the great authors

Learn "the spirits of writer"from the great authors.

I will describe biography of famous writers in series. Now translating.
28 March, 2007 updated.

Writer Tiltle Country Birth-Loss
Wahei Tatematsu He threw away the elite's way and lived the life of change of occupation. Japan 1947-
Aiko sato She was a literary girl from her childhood. Japan 1923-
Jakucho Setouchi She was a literary girl from her childhood. Japan 1922-
Giichi Fujimoto He has noticed himself given the life by somebody. Japan 1933-
Shotaro Ikenami There is better life just because man has death. Japan 1923-1990
Tomiko Miyao Miserable experience in Manchuria became a driving force. Japan 1926-
Shusaku Endo 2 As a seeker after truth, and as a missionary - -
Shusaku Endo 1 He continued asking the meaning of life and faith. Japan 1923-1996
Tsutomu Minakami He became a writer from a servant boy of a temple. Japan 1919-2004
Miyuki Miyabe She concentrated on contribution for the prize winning novels, going to a novel classroom. Japan 1960
Hisashi Inoue- 2nd. What's a passion for "laughter"? - -
Hisashi Inoue- 1st From the king of contributor to a professional writer. Japan 1934-
Takashi Atoda Serious illness became a turning point of life - a case of Takashi Atoda. Japan 1935-
Shuhei Fujisawa Serious illness became a turning point of life - a case of Shuhei Fujisawa. Japan 1927-1997
Ryotaro Shiba -5th People who discovered Ryotaro Shiba's talent. - -
Ryotaro Shiba -4th Live out a childhood dream. - -
Ryotaro Shiba -3rd I was taught by Ryotaro Shiba's historical view. - -
Ryotaro Shiba -2nd If I die now, do I have something to regret? - -
Ryotaro Shiba -1st Ryotaro Shiba gave me answer Japan 1923-1996
J. K. Rawling Harry Potter appeared suddenly before her eys.. U.K. 1965-
Stephen king He started from the life close to the homeless. U.S.A. 1947-
Hayao Miyazaki - 4th Have a good eye for children. - -
Hayao Miyazaki - 3rd I would like to tell the children felling in a flutter and thrill with joy. - -
Hayao Miyazaki - 2nd What is to see the world from a child's viewpoint? - -
Hayao Miyazaki - 1st It is not easy to make someone glad. Japan 1941-
Jiro Asada He called himself a writer when he was an amateur yet. Japan 1951-

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