Biography of the great authors
By Akihiko Kaminoyama
Learns from Shusaku Endo -1 st

He continued asking the meaning of life and faith.

Shusaku Endo was a serious literature writer who was very famous in Japan. Moreover, he had an another face called teacher korian of "gutara series", and a chairman of the amateur theatrical group's "Kiza." Shusaku Endo passed away in 1996, however, the voice of the fan which adores him even now does not disappear. I am aware of the ability to introduce only the mere entrance of the Endo literature. If you, readers, can still become the feeling of "studying the Endo literature still more deeply" by my column, at least I think that this column is worthy.
Shusaku Endo is a Catholic believer. His literature is fundamentally written on the theme of Christianity. There may be those who show rejection there.
I am not a Christian. When a question is asked "What your religion is", it cannot but answer "I am a Buddhist", however, I am not a serious believer. Such I think like this. Even if people who are not related to Catholic read his novels, they would receive full impression. Such contents are included.
In my high school student days, I read "Silence", "Sea and Poison", "Wonderful Fool", and "humor essay." When looked back upon that time, I was in the state which could not digest the contents of the book, however, I experienced a shock by reading two books, "Silence" and "Sea and Poison." And I laughed or bowed my head in assent by reading the "Wonderful Fool", and "humor essay." Since I was a obedient time in character, I was still able to take all not to feel something wrong. After growing older, I came to find the meaning of "silence" at last.
When readers are young. his novels can be appreciated to become. When readers grew older, his novels can be understood deeply. I think that the Endo literature is just a real work of art.

I would like to follow Shusaku Endo's career entirely. Although there are many books which wrote his biography, I recommend the following three volumes.
"A husband, Shusaku Endo are told", Junko Endo work, Bungeishunju Ltd.,
"My friend, Shusaku Endo", the Shumon Miura work, PHP Institute Office Int'l, Inc.
A Bungei separate volume "Shusaku Endo", Kawadeshoboshinsha.

March, 1923, born in Tokyo. The second son of two brothers. A father was a bank clerk and a mother was a musician.
1926, 3 years old. His family moved to old Manchuria (the present China northeast part) by transfer of a father.
1933, 10 years old. Parents divorced. He went back with a mother. They moved to Nishinomiya-city.
1935, 12 years old. He received the baptism in a Catholic church.
1943, 20 years old. He entranced The Keio University department-of-literature.Since he did not go into the medical department of which the father expected, he was disinherited.
He entered a dormitory to a Catholic hall of residence.
1947, 24 years old. He wrote "A Catholic writer's problem", and it was published to the "Mita literature."
1948, 25 years old. He became a member of the Mita literature.
1950, 27 years old. He studied in France for present age Catholic literary researches.
1953, 30 years old. He came back from France to Japan. Mother death. He was poor health because of the tuberculosis found in the previous year.
1955, 32 years old. He won the Akutagawa Prize award at "White Man."
1956, 33 years old. The eldest son, Ryunosuke was born.
1957, 34 years old. "Sea and poison" was published. High evaluation is received.
1960, 37 years old. He was sent to hospital for a tuberculosis relapse.
1963, 40 years old. uThe Girl I Left Behindvwas published.
1965, 42 years old. The essay, "Koriankanwa" was published.
1966, 43 years old. "Silence" was published.
1973, 50 years old. "Side of the Dead Sea" was published.
There is a huge quantity of a work as everyone knows after this for 20 years.
1993, 70 years old. "Deep River" was published.
The English translation version was also published next year.
1996, 73 years old. He passed away in the Keio University hospital.
<The above-mentioned career referred to the Bugei separate volume.>

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