Biography of the great authors
By Akihiko Kaminoyama
Learns from Giichi Fujimoto

He has noticed himself given the life by somebody

Giichi Fujimoto is a famous writer in Japan. The novel of various genres is written. He was playing an active part also as a chairman of a television show at midnight thirty years ago. Since the impression was too strong to me, I may not see him as a writer. My impression to Giichi Fujimoto changed suddenly several years ago. It was a time of my reading "the best-before date of life" (written by Giichi Fujimoto, Iwanami Shoten issue). This work is his autobiographic essay.
He was born in Osaka in 1933. He graduated from the Osaka Prefecture University department of economics in 1958. He joined the Takarazuka movie after graduation. He became a writer after working as scenarist. In 1974, he won the Naoki Prize with "the demon's poetry (Onino uta)." He was a chairman of the television show "Eleven PM" till 1965 - 90. This is his simplified personal history.

Japan rushed into the Pacific War in December, 1941. It means that he had experienced war for about four years from the time of 7 or 8 years old. He faced the end of the war at the time of junior high school one year. A 45-year-old of his father lost the job and the store, and was in the bottom of despair, and suffered from lung disease. His mother was weak.

In order to support a household economy, he worked in the black market. He traded on equal terms with the adults. The experience had big influence on his view of life.
Emptiness of money and Ugly of people gathering around money, He experienced such things in sensitive boyhood. He often traveled in order to escape there.
In 1958, Giichi Fujimoto became a pupil of Yuzo Kawashima, a film director. The conversation at that time is cool.
Kawashima: "How is professional different from amateur?"
Fujimoto "Professionals can do favorite things, since they are willing to do dislikable things. Since amateurs avoid the dislikable things, they cannot do the favorite things."
Indeed, it is the words which captured essence. He was able to accept becoming a pupil. His answer might be so good. After that, Giichi Fujimoto succeeded as a writer.

He was also in big trouble. When the Kobe earthquake broke out, he was buried under a wardrobe. Also then, he was able to survive somehow or other. He also grew old. He had the brain scanned in a hospital. As a result, it turned out that the cavity of the brain stem spread out certainly. If time passes, he may fall into dementia.
Through such experience of life, Fujimoto says, "I am given the life by somebody."gI have noticed the following fact. Thought that it is my idea is only vainglory or arrogance.h
I may still think "I live on my free will" at the bottom of heart. Giichi Fujimoto's voice is likely to be heard, gYou are an inexperienced person!h

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