Biography of the great authors
By Akihiko Kaminoyama
Learn from Shuhei Fujisawa

Serious illness became a turning point of life - a case of Shuhei Fujisawa.

Shuhei Fujisawa is also a famous writer of period novel in Japan.
Shuhei Fujisawa was born as the second son of the poor farmhouse in Tsuruoka-city, Yamagata-prefecture in 1927. Except for the first son, the children of a farmhouse found a job at somewhere back then, when they graduated from an elementary school. Or, it was common to have become an adopted child of other farming family and to have taken over his parentfs farming.
Shuhei's results of the school were good. Several understanding persons were in his surroundings. With their help, he graduated from the night junior high school, and the Yamagata normal school was entered. In 1949, Shuhei graduated from the normal school and started for his new post to the Yutagawa junior high school. His life so far would be life favorable as that time.
The turning point occurred two years afterward. In 1951, tuberculosis was discovered by his lungs at the time of a mass screening. In 1953, he came to Tokyo. He was hospitalized in the Shinoda hospital located in Higashi Murayama-cho Kitatama-gun, Tokyo-to, and entered in sanatorium. For him, leaving hospital was decided in 1957. Although he looked for a new job in the hometown, he could not find it. A certain trade publication journalist's work was then introduced to him from a friend who lived in Tokyo. He get employed in the company. It was unavoidable selection.

The people with experience which worked for trade publication understand the following situation well. There are various companies, such as a serious company, a random company, and a company in which a problem is in management. The newspaper publishing company where Shuhei Fujisawa worked first seemed to be the company which had a problem somehow. Then, he is changing some trade publication frequently.
In 1960, he found a job at "the Japanese food-processing newspaper." Then, it became the chief editor. He began to write a novel from these days. He continued writing, posting on the famous prizes.
In 1971, Shuhei Fujisawa won the "all Yomimono Shinjin award." It was a time of his being 43 years old. And he won the Naoki Prize by "the Annual Rings of Assassination" in 1973. He was 46 years old then. He resigned the company and became independent as a writer next year.
If there was no a new job to a trade publication, tuberculosis and life in a sanatorium, he was probably passing as a school teacher as it is, he recollected later.
Even if he had taken the post of the teacher, he would write a novel, continuing a teacher and might became a major writer similarly. Or possibly he passed life as a teacher as it was.

It is certain for him that serious illness became a large turning point. Without being blown away by the storm, he stood on his ground firmly, and has walked along his way intently.
I would like to express deep respect for his way of life. You must not be crushed by the big wall of life. You must not be eager too much and become self-complacent. You should walk along the way to which you should go firmly. Shuhei Fujisawa teaches us know so.

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