Biography of the great authors
By Akihiko Kaminoyama
Learn from Hisashi Inoue

From the king of contributor to a professional writer.

gEverybody has a trouble and sadness from the beginning. However, there is poetry that someone has to make joy. My duties make the laughter which is the seeds of the bread of joy. The laughter which I make sometimes is a misfire, or sometimes does not good timing. It does not very come good. However, I have the decision to make laughter hard as heretofore. If I can reduce the number of the tears in this world by at least 1 gram by that, I am so glad.g
, 344 page, written by Kirihara.
It is the good words which symbolize Hisashi Inouye. I will introduce the milestones to understand Hisashi Inouye's life. He was born in Komatsu-cho (present and Kawanishi-cho) in Yamagata-ken in November, 1934. When he was 5 years old, the father passed away. The painful life of his family continued economically after it. He entered the childrenfs institution of the La Salle religious order management in Sendai-shi at the age of 15. And he changed to the Sendai junior high school.
He entered the Sophia University department of literature at the age of 19. However, he became neurotic and came home to Sendai. And he worked as a clerk of a national Kamaishi sanatorium.

He came back to school to Sophia University at the age of 22. This year, he wrote the scenario, working as a literature member of a skin house "Asakusa France-za." Kiyoshi Atsumi, Isamu Nagato and other top stars had been appearing on the stage in the theater. He absorbed the element required for laughter and the scenario from there. He continued the contribution to the prizes at the age of 24, working for the godown keeper of a publishing company.
The number of times of an application was 145 times. Winning a contest was 18 times. The fine work was 39 times.
The contribution king of the east was Hisashi Inouye. The contribution king of the west was Giichi Fujimoto. He continued this life for two years. With the award of a certain scenario as a turning point, he came to write the scenario of the drama of NHK and began to follow as a broadcast writer.
He wrote the scriptof "Hyokkori Hyotanjima"- joint authorship with Morihisa Yamamoto- at the age of 30. This work was evaluated highly not only from a televiewer but from the specialist. He wrote the comedic drama "a Japanese navel" at the age of 35, and it created a sensation.
He won the Naoki Prize at "the tesusare shinju" at the age of 38. He also wrote the autobiographical novel "Cleaning up after by Mr. Mockinpot" in this year. He wrote the novel "Aoba shigereru" at the age of 39.
He has been writing many dramas and novels for many years. He is continuing taking out a popular work and a hit.

It seems that Hisashi Inouye's boyhood was unfortunate. However, I think that itfs not correct to consider that Hisashi Inouye had become a writer by that. There were many unhappy and poor boys by the time. The Japanese economy itself was very poor. We cannot explain only from poverty and a misfortune about the reason why he became a writer. His father seemed to be a writer applicant. I guess that it was the major factor which led him to the writer.

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