Biography of the great authors
By Akihiko Kaminoyama
Learn from Hisashi Inoue

What's a passion for "laughter"?

I would like to examine one that Hisashi Inouye received big influence in the career which became a writer.

Although his father passed away early, when he was young, he was novelist wish. He suffered from illness in Tokyo and came home to the parents' home in Yamagata-ken Komatsu-shi. The father married the present mother who became acquainted in Tokyo, and built the home.
When Hesashi was a boy, his mother had a habit of saying, "when your father did not do sick skill, he would become the novelist or the dramatist."
It seems that the grandmother also had the same thought.
For a long time, the mother had worked in the distant place alone, in order to earn her living expenses of a family.
Hisashi would go into the "Hikarigaoka angel garden" which the La Salle religious order in Sendai was managing.
When Hisashi met his grandmother, he asked her, "Bring me up here." His grandmother said, "I have made him inherit marks, although your father wanted to become a writer. If I bring you up, your future would be spoiled." And she held back her tears and made him return.
There is no doubt that such family environment had worked on Hisashi Inouye to become a writer strongly.

Father Mockinpot and the La Salle school days
Hisashi Inouye was taught by the monks who served children disinterestedly about belief in the Hikarigaoka angel garden.
I quote his words, although it becomes long.
gI trusted foreign fathers. They came to the far east foreign land, in order to make orphans' dinners as rich as possible, they cultivated wasteland, scattered excrement, soiled the hand, made the ground and dust stick to the point of a nail, and made vegetables. Monks diverted the cloth of thick woolen cloth sent as making a nun's habit from the headquarters of a religious order of a mother country to the school uniform for orphans. They still lived by the nun's habit which the patch hit and had shone by finger marks, greasy sweat, and friction. I trusted Fathers who believes God's existence. I trusted the monks dressed in the ragged clothes who trusts Christ, and became a Christian recruit.h
< gBiography of Hisashi Inoueh, 248 pages, written by Yoshimitsu Kirihara,>
Hisashi Inouye and other children robbed the library of the books, and sold off them to the secondhand bookseller and earned pocket money. One day, a monk was gazing at the bookshelf whose collection of books decreased sadly. He looked at it and felt painful. It seemed that the figure of the monks of the genuine article which was not hypocrisy had deep influence on him.

Father Mockinpot who comes out in "Cleaning up after by Father Mockinpot" is a fictitious person. We can regard as the symbol of the monk whom Hisashi met in the "Hikarigaoka angel garden."
There is various "laughter" in a world. A certain kind of humor which the fellow creature who is going to live hard makes creates is expressed by this work. Although he himself lives and works hardly, but if we see him objectively, he is performing the humorous thing. Hisashi drew such beloved character of human being. He does not make a fool of people who live hard, and does not sympathize with them. There is the deep love to such people. On the basis that thought, this novel is drawn with a mind, gman is foolish, and I am such a person too." I learned such "laughter" from Hisashi Inouye.

His broadcast writer days
A method of making the drama being popular with the TV viewers is to go ahead with the talk in the always tragic direction. In many dramas, producers advance them in the complicated direction which do not solve a problem. It will move the televiewers to tears. This is a method which is frequently used in the movies and novels. When you would like to write the story being popular with readers, you can use it. The book which sells well by such a technique is actually written.
Also by the time when Hisashi Inouye was a broadcast writer, there was a claim to viewing rate and a story and there was strong pressure from the managers. They said, "Write the story being popular with the TV viewers." However, the producers of those days stopped so that the pressure might not affect the broadcast writers. In such environment which felt relieved, the masterpiece of the puppet play, "it is a gourd island unexpectedly" was produced. I would like to tell the talk to the producers of the present television station.

Energy of localism
Hisashi Inouye came to deal with big work as his talent was accepted. A certain famous actor, Kazuo Kumakura, was charmed by Hisashi Inouye's talent. And he asked Hisashi to write a comical drama "a Japanese navel." In this work, complex and energy by newcomers to the big city, a play on words, and a surprise ending are included in plenty. Thatfs the things to which Hisashi Inouye has adhered.
The long novel "people from Kirikiri" which became a best seller is the work in which his thought was put similarly. One day, a district with a northeast declares independence from Japan. It is such a amazing story. I would like to recommend you to read the novel.

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