Biography of the great authors
By Akihiko Kaminoyama
Learns from Jakucho Setouchi

She was a literary girl from her childhood.

Jakucho Setouchi calls an old pen name Harumi Setouchi. She is a famous writer in Japan. She has received evaluation also with high research of the "Tale of Genji" which is a classic of Japanese literature.
Jakucho was born in May, 1922 in Tokushima-city, Tokushima, Japan. In 1943, she emigrated to China after the graduation from Tokyo Woman's Christian University. Then, the one daughter was born. She had married while a student of the university. She divorced and went into creative activity, after coming home from China.
She was born as a carpenter's daughter. The family was poor. There were only two rooms in a house. One room was the father's workshop. Parent and child were sleeping in other room. Her father was an daring person. He became others' guarantor and lost all his property. Since he sold the birdcage and it hit at a certain time, he began the bird dealer.
In the end, he began an idea business called marriage of a hill myna. It seems that such a father's character is inherited by her.
Although the home was environment unrelated to literature, Jakucho was a literary girl from her childhood.

Jakucho was loved by the teacher of an elder sister's elementary school when she was still a kindergartener. When she called on the teacher's house, she borrowed "the world literature complete works" and "the Japanese literature complete works", without also understanding a meaning. And she read through one after another. When she is asked in class, "What would you like to become in the future?", she answered "I would like to become a novelist.h
He became acquainted as the wife of Tuneari Fukuda in the college days, and she sent the manuscript to him. He recommended for Jakucho to go into a coterie magazine. She went into the "literary man" whom Fumio Niwa presided.
In 1956, she won the new tide coterie magazine prize.
In 1960, she was awarded "Toshiko Tamura" (first Toshiko Tamura prize). It became the first step toward a full-scale writer.
In 1963, she won the second women's literature prize in "the end of summer." She will build the status as a writer from that time.
The award history of Jakucho Setouchi after it is as follows.
In 1992, "Ask to a flower" (Hanani toe), Kyoto culture prize Lifetime Achievement Award (the eleventh time).
In 1994, Education Minister's Art Encouragement Prize (the 46th time) .
In 1996, Person of Cultural Merits.

In 1997, Broadcast culture prize (the 49th time) .
In 1998, Diamond lady prize (the thirteenth time)
Jakucho Setouchi has lived an eventful life such as a student marriage, divorce, and entering the priesthood,
What is the driving force which won over her to literature?
In 1998, Jakucho Setouchi has completed the modern language translation of the "Tale of Genji" (a total of ten volumes, Kodansha). I can feel Jakucho's passion for the literature in the world of the gTale of Genji.h

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