Biography of the great authors
By Akihiko Kaminoyama

Jiro Asada
He called himself a writer when he was an amateur yet.
He is a writer who became famous by "the railroad worker -poppoya" When I see his career, I fall into a thoughtful mood in various meanings. He was born in 1951 Tokyo. After graduation of the Suginami high school . he joined the Self-Defense Forces. That's reason he wanted to know why Yukio Mishima -Japanese famous writer- carried out a suicide by hara-kiri in the Ichigaya military station of the Self-Defense Forces, at 25 November 1970.
It seems that after dismissal from the army, he changed the job frequently. Writing some works, he applied to the novel contest. He received recognition as a writer from around 1992. Although some books are published at the time, main theme was Japanese Mafia. It is called "gokudo" novels by Japanese. He won " The Yoshikawa Eiji Literature Prize for New Writers award" by the "Riding on the subway" in 1995.
Jiro Asada had been contributed to contests for a long time from 16 years old. At one time, he carried his manuscripts on the Kawade-shobo in labor dispute. He said that the veteran editor read when loitering with the manuscripts.
If it is called "youthful inexperience", but it is such a thought. Passion and energy are also important element to become a good writer. If you have not feelings of "I have talent ability" and "I get used to a writer absolutely", you may not become a professional.Then, although Jiro Asada continued writing, he held a family, and he was to a debut. It seems that the way was steep. Before debut, he called himself a novelist, writing activities as work, and work to get money as "business." He said at the interview of the magazine.Even if you are not work to do surely, Then you should say with businesslike thought. "This is a sake of money. I have a dream" If you say in loud voice like him, you would get the feeling felt refreshed. His works were unsold for a while despite of getting the prize at all. A life was painful. His mother got angry and said. "Electric cost is wasteful." The quarrel at that time is interesting. When his mother asked him the proof that he became a famous writer. Jiro Asada said, "I understand. that I 'm a genius." The scene comes into my mind . Such beliefs "I have a talent" is important for the writer candidates.
The talk after a debut to four years and a half is interesting. He became a popular writer in Japan, but he had a side business. He thought, "My work is doing well, but it will go bad at some time." He was anxious mind, because he got hard-earned money.
Although I had an impression that Jiro Asada would be more unconventional, he had mass appeal. unexpectedly. His character which continues honest efforts at such a place has appeared. We can learn many things from his life-style.

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