Biography of the great authors
By Akihiko Kaminoyama
Learn from Hayao Miyazaki - 1st
It is not easy to make someone glad.
Hayao Miyazaki is a writer and a film director with wonderful sensibility and talent. First of all, I will introduce this book. It is the book a "Starting point" (Written by Hayao Miyazaki , Published by Tokumashoten, Japan). The interview reports and his manuscripts which were introduced to the newspaper and the magazine from 1979 to 1996 were collected in this book. His career and idea, point of view, movie theory to the animation are written in detail in the book. It is very useful for would-be authors not to mention people of the movie and the animation field.
"Men and women who are dreaming of wonderful world more than others and who want to tell the others their dreams come to the animation world. And they know that it is very hard to amuse other people." - From the "Starting Point."
I would like see from history of Hayao Miyazaki first, and to make it behind about views and comment of his works.
He was born in Tokyo and became the second son among four sons, 1941. He entered the Toyotama high school, 1956. He aimed to become a cartoonist. But when he saw a color animated feature, "Hakujaden", he was arisen his interest in the animation at the time.
He entered a politics and economics department of the Gakushuin University, 1959. He became a member of a society for the juvenile literature. He wrote the comics and often proposed them to the publishers, but those are adoptedĀB
He entered the Toei Animation Co. Ltd., 1963
Now, although he went into the world of animation from this time. He participated in many works as a producing staff including an original picture, producer and the helper.
"Gulliver's space trip", and the "A teen age Ninja, Kazeno Fujimaru", 1964.
It is nostalgic! I loved this animation. I remember I had seen it surely at the time of 7-8 years old being exciting every week. A true Ninja appeared in the TV and practiced the ninja magic at the end of the program.
"Hustle Punch", 1965.
" Hols: Prince of the Sun", 1966.
"A witch, Sally",1968.
"Secret Akko-chan", "Puss in Boots" and "Flying ghost ship", 1969.
"Lupin áV",1971.
"An Alpine girl, Heidi", 1974.
"A Dog of Flanders", 1976.
"Future boy Conan", 1978.
"Anne of Green Gables", 1979.
Many of above animations are famous in Japan.
Hayao Miyazaki had played the important role in every works.
He started in writing a comics series, "Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind", for a magazine , 1982.
Movie, "Nausicaa", was completed in 1984.
"Castle in the Sky", 1986.
"My Neighbor Totoro", 1988.
"Kiki's Delivery Service", 1989.
"Only Yesterday", 1991.
"Porco Rosso", 1992.
"The Heisei raccoon dog battle", 1994.
"Whisper of the Heart", 1995.
"Princess Mononoke", 1997.

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