Biography of the great authors
By Akihiko Kaminoyama
Learn from J. K. Rowling
Harry Potter appeared suddenly before her eyes.
One day, J. K. Rowling was in a train which returns from Manchester to London. It happened then. "Harry Potter" appeared suddenly right in front of her.
"I experienced my first touch through which excitement runs like that." (""An Interview with J.K.Rowling (Telling Tales)", by Lindsey Fraser.)
At this time, the main characters, such as Ron Weasley and a Hug lid, and the game "Quidditch" also appeared at hand simultaneously. Also the ideas of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was solidified in the train.
J.K.Rowling wrote in the "An Interview with J.K.Rowling (Telling Tales)" that there were no school and castle which were made especially into the model, in order to write Hogwarts school.
At the night, she noted down the story which came to her mind in a hurry, and then she figured out that the work should be a novel in seven parts
However, she took a long time to complete the first volume of this series. Why? It is very important for writers.

I would like to look back over her biographical sketch simply first.
She was born near Briton, Britain, in 1965.
She at to be a writer from a schoolchild's time.
She majored in English study at a University of Exeter, in 19xx.
She took part in a course in a bilingual secretary after graduation in London, in 19xx.
Her major and work were progressing the way which was not related to literature during the years. It seemed to be caused by her hesitation and opposition from parents. She wrote adult-oriented novels in those days.
In the train which returns from Manchester to London, a plot of the "Harry Potter" came to her in a flash. I guess this event happened at 1988.
She found a job at the Manchester chamber of commerce, in 19xx. Writing was continued.
She got married in Portugal, in 1992. Eldest daughter was born soon.
She and her daughter changed their residence in Edinburgh after divorce, in 1993. She wrote up the first volume of "the Harry Potter", being on welfare.
From 1993 to 1996, She sent the manuscript to some publishing companies and agents, but it was returned.
Christopher Little, an agent, contracted with her at last. Bloomsbury of a publishing company made a contract of publishing right with her.
@"Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" was published in July, 1997, and it became an instant best-seller.
The movie was made from Warner Brothers in 2001.

I wrote unclear year as 19xx on the above sentences. I looked into some books and internet, but I couldn't get information about them.
I can't specify the year when the plot of "Harry Potter" came to her head. Since she wrote that the event happened one year after carrying out graduation. I guess she would be 23 or 24 years old, and the year would be 1988 or 1989.
What I would like to say that it took her four or five years from the plot to writing the first volume of the "Harry Potter".
According to the ""An Interview with J.K.Rowling (Telling Tales)", Rowling described the same thing.
Then, perfect biography (setting) was completed from birth to growth about all the characters. If it is written in into a book, it will be the number of pages like an encyclopedia. Since readers have no need to know about every setting, only a part of them are written in the book.
The important thing for new writers to learn from Rowling is the point that she had written up details of her works like that. She teach them importance of dreaming up ideas and spending ages practicing.
In 1993, Rowling divorced her husband and moved to Edinburgh where the younger sister lived in. Then, to make a living was a serious problem. Her daughter was a baby then. It was very difficult to work outsides. So she decided to become a teacher for a life, but taking a teacher's license would take in at least one year.
She was aware that if I completed the first volume immediately, I couldn't complete it throughout my life. Then she made a superhuman effort as hard as possible. She thought that this book must be completed in one year until she would find a job about the teacher. Painful writing from this time while she was getting public assistance started.
Fortunately for her, there was the "Nicholson's Cafe" which younger brother-in-law began, and that became the main writing places of the first volume. Rowling made her baby very tired by playing around so much, and when the baby fell asleep, she run into the cafe and wrote manuscript.
She had been writing for many hours having only a cup of coffee in the cafe. It became a famous talk.
@We must not forget her efforts leading up to success story. When we read her books, we can know she is rightly full of the talent. But efforts of the "superhuman" as she herself was telling were required until her talent was accepted.
Although I'm teaching a few hundreds of people by the Internet, sometimes I met some persons who have confidence in their ability so much. It's no problem to have confidence.
Problem is that they turned in the manuscript which they wrote up for a night or two days just like a finished work. Manuscript that amateur wrote in such a short period is only the draft. Obviously there are full of mistakes. Since talented writer is making a superhuman effort, even if you are an gifted talent, you could not became excellent writer without considerable effort. If the publishers take on boils the writers who does not make a respectable effort , such companies would become bankrupt immediately. Readers isn't deceived. They are not ignorance.
Any writers are amateurs at first. It is always important to upskill and to cultivate your gifts. The world will shatter any complacent thinking that to write a book is easy. I think that example of Rowling should be followed.
Although the first volume of the Harry Potter became a best-seller, for a while, Rowling hesitated to live on the writing only. The best-seller may be temporary. If she is rearing a child and dedicate herself to writing, she couldn't come back to the t teaching profession. She hesitated then.
After a great success, she is very happy , because it is not necessary to write for money, and it's not necessary for me to be forced to write by someone.
However, she told us frankly about various suffering which comes from becoming a popular writer in the book. She said that she would like to regain time to write calmly, if she could do it by paying for money.

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