Biography of the great authors
By Akihiko Kaminoyama
Hayao Miyazaki (4)
Have a good eye for children

Hayao Miyazaki had a lecture meeting for children and was talking about the view of the thing which was not caught by common sense. Beefs body is small and he can fly about swiftly. He think that raindrops would be round and all from the sky slowly to the eye of bee. It may be that bees can fly through the gaps in the raindrops not to get wet. The wind may be visible to a bird. The birds can find an ascending current immediately , and soar high in the sky. Therefore, they can surely see the wind. He spoke about such a thing.
When my daughter was ten months after the birth, I went for walk with her in my arms. When I saw her, she seemed to raise her hand in the air and to clutch something. What was she doing? It come to a sudden realization in my mind. She was trying to grab at the wind. Surely there was a flow of the wind. I believed, "The wind must be visible to a baby." It was a fresh surprise to me.

There are many impressed scenes in the gMy Neighbor Totoro.h At a scene in the way of the last, Satsuki called on the mother under hospitalization. Since Satsuki had been taking care of father and sister for mother for a long time, she had been under a lot of stress. At the moment of seeing a mother's face, her feeling of tense was thawed at the same time. She burst into tears.
Mother saw Satsuki, beckoned her gently and began to comb her hair. The mother didnft give her a tight hug and the loving words. She combed Satsukifs hair talking gently. Then, it relieved Satsukifs heart.
If you a woman, you could understand the importance for the parent-child relationship and the reality of love expression that this mother combs daughterfs hair. It is not necessary to explain. Honestly, as I am an unpolished man, I did not understand thereanent until I read Hayao Miyazaki's description.

Hayao Miyazaki was born and grew up as the second son of four brothers in a man. After getting married, both of the born children are boys. Why he could understand to such a thing? I was surprised at him. Probably, that would be why he has also spread the antenna of sensitivity around in all the directions.
When a writer faces children, it is very important for him to get rid of prejudice from his mind which is bounded by common sense, and to see the same thing from the same eyes level.
Hayao Miyazaki teaches us such a thing.

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