Biography of the great authors
By Akihiko Kaminoyama
Learns from Miyuki Miyabe.

She concentrated on contribution for the prize winning novels, going to a novel classroom.

Miyuki Miyabe is a famous writer in Japan.
My wife is her great fan. One day, she recommended to read to me strongly. It became a opportunity for reading Miyuki Miyabe's novel. I had a thing like prejudice to the mystery books which the Japanese writers write. I did not take interest in her novel, but I read.
Japanese writers' works have many I novels. The works include the contents which shut themselves up in their world. They are writing about the petty theme which is not important for others. I thought that there were many such a novels in Japan. It was the prejudice which I had.
Miyuki Miyabe has taken up the social theme in the work. She wrote a "Reason" and "All She Was Worth" using the crimes which had been actually committed as a base. Her novel has a universal theme of human society. Deployment of a story has a feeling of tension. It is drawn so that a motion of a hero's heart and the situation where hero faces come into readers' mind as images. I think that Miyuki Miyabe has rich power of expression, and her feeling is delicate.

I looked into the history how Miyuki Miyabe became a writer. There is not necessarily a special regular way as a method of becoming a writer. It is not important from what school the would-be author graduated and what kind of job he had taken up. She ialso go her own way , and became a professional writer.
She was born to the downtown area in Tokyo in December, 1960. She worked in the law office after junior college graduate business. And she passed for two years to the famous school entertainment novel classroom which the Kodansha sponsorship sponsors. She wrote the novel simultaneously. 1987, By "our neighbor's crime", the all books-and-magazines detective story Rookie of the Year award was won. And she came out as a professional writer. Her subsequent activity is as being known well. She has won many prizes completely.
In the meantime, Miyuki Miyabe has contributed most number of novels to the prize-winning novel.
The salary was cheap in the law office. However, since she was free, she was able to read many books. She says that she also read the judicial precedent time signal from one edge. Probably, it became the materials of her novels.
If you aim at a writer, even when a bud of your talent does not come out, don't get impatient. It is important to collect data, using time effectively or to read others' work. It certainly leads you to growth.

Even if it says so, while your talent does not be accepted in the world, you may become that it is likely to lose mentally. Is it possible to believe your talent intently and to only develop the talent or not? It is a branch road of life.

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