Biography of the great authors
By Akihiko Kaminoyama
Learns from Ryotaro Shiba 3rd.

I was taught by the Ryotaro Shiba's historical view.

Last time, I introduced that Ryotaro Shiba started the life as a writer from the question in his war experience. In order to find the answer, he researched the huge historical materials of Japan and analyzed them, and published the results as novels or essays. Soon, people called his view the "Shiba historical view", and showed their respect for him.
If we try to discuss about what the "Shiba historical view" is, it is too huge to explain about his works. Itfs very difficult. I would like to recommend you to read his works by all means.
I would like to introduce high point of Ryotaro Shiba's historical view here.

In World War II, it is a fact that Japanese government and troops committed crimes in a few countries. Japanese troops invaded some countries, trampled down the sovereignty of the countries, and were stationed. The Japanese also tried to build a colony in cooperation with them. The Japanese government and troops built the railroad, the school, etc. in the invaded country. Although they brought the country economic earnings as a result, the colonization which damaged foreign country people's pride and right is not justifiable.

On the other hand, the false return had gone up from foreign country people or journalism about action of a Japanese army of those days after the end of the war. It is also a problem that a Japanese military man is blamed under a false charge as a result..
Japanese cannot yet heal the wounds of war completely. It is because it has not performed analysis which can be equal to criticism of international opinion. Japanese government donft collect detailed facts including advantageous things and all the disadvantageous things to themselves, and donft analyze them sufficiently yet.

For the processing to which international opinion and nationals can be convinced, the brains of various scientific fields should be collected first.
And scientific analysis and evaluation which does not incline toward one a political party and a faction, religion and an organization, and ideology should be performed. Based on the research findings, Japanese government should apologize and compensate the victims of war. The Japanese government must prepare themselves for being reported the conclusion filled in pain for people. It is most important to perform analysis and evaluation which can be equal to historical evaluation in the world.
Ryotaro Shiba thought so.

Germany actually processed after the World War II to the countries which were hostility countries. Therefore, Germany was able to have an army and dispatching an army from the United Nations was also accepted in the Gulf War in 1991.
On the other hand, whenever the Japanese government tries to take some action in the world, issues of World War II or the Pearl Harbor attack brought up. Don't be clipping this forever. If war is involved, people in the world will be inevitably passed by an emotional argument and ideology, and the constructive argument towards in the future will be purged. It is regrettable.

The maximum charm of the Shiba historical view is not in a talk which was described above. He asked history for the roots of the faults and virtues as a Japanese race and was going to find out the reasons.
For example, why did Japan rush into the military-authorities autocracy organization of prewar days? If you would like to know it, it is necessary to get to know from the Meiji Restoration to the early stages of Showa. If you would like to know the meaning of the Meiji Restoration, it is necessary to get to know the Edo period.
While Shiba analyzed a vast quantity of materials as a writer, he discovered that there is Japanese people not only depreciating but the strong point which it can be proud of in the world. And he announced as a work.
Ryotaro Shiba had declared that he was never concerned with politics while in life. He had said clearly that he would connected himself with society as a writer. Huge time is required for politics to change. He found that. And probably, he feared being used for a politician.
By reading Shiba's essays and historical novels, I could have a firm basis and regain the pride as a Japanese. I received a deep impression in his view and the way of life as a writer. It was very important for my life.

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