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@"All the things that I can do were done and a hand had not been extracted at any times. I am proud of what I who am trying to do, and I who made preparations were." By Ichiro, Seattle Mariners.

Useful links for writers in Japan.

People who contribute to publication culture!
Electronic publishing and a new plan The electronic publishing site in an individual
Buy books at a bookstore. Buy books in

I introduce the link destination of a useful related site. Those who wish [ link printing ] need to inform by e-mail.
Electronic publishing and a new plan The electronic publishing site in an individual
He buys a book at a bookstore. He buys a book in commission.
The past publication is investigated. A second-hand copy is looked for.
The publication information and the book review of major newspaper publishing companies He gets to know about publishing trade.
The list of main publishing companies Data of the title of a journal, circulation, etc.
Publication technical intelligence A challenge of a printing firm
Online software is downloaded. Volunteer

- Collect the homepages which are tackling electronic publishing and a new plan positively.
Apple Seed Agency
"A writer's agent" and Apple Seed Agency Site.
Digital Shobo
A digital book is issued. Digital Shobo Site. The "Internet literary award" is sponsored.
Internet Sosaku-sakka-kyoukai
An online writer's alternating current site.
A work can be registered and announced for pay. Poplar Publishing Co., Ltd. manages.
Review Japan
The contribution site of review of a book. Review can be written and other readers' review can be read.
Boiled Eggs
Boiled Egg which is a full-scale publication agent firm.
The work is invited although it is a charge. If adopted, it is also publication with books.
The contribution literary magazine in which writer Akagawa m—m acts as the chief editor.
Information carries a full load from a famous general invitation to a small general invitation.
Monthly Mail magazine "ESSAIS esse"
It is a magazine which covers widely ƒJƒ‹ƒ`ƒ…ƒ‰ƒ‹ fields, such as literature, film criticism, cafe information, music information, shop information, and an exhibition flash report.
Q Story
There is also a publication plan at the work contribution site on the theme of Kyushu.
http://www.hanmoto.com/ The site for the publisher which a publisher manages. It is the following target for three points to be big.
The data base of the book which can be searched from the content is built, and it provides for readers. A sale and settlement of accounts in a Network. Abbreviation of delivery of goods to readers (it sends by two to 5 business day). A download sale of an electronic book. It will be a formal open schedule in June, 2000.
http://www.fukken.com/ "Book rehabilitation." Eight publishing companies, such as Iwanami Shoten, Hakusui-Sha Co., Ltd., and Kinokuniya, are advancing the project for joint reissue.
It is evolution of making the books which will not appear on the market at a world reissue somehow.
http://www.aozora.gr.jp/ Blue sky deposit collection. It electronizes centering on the book with which copyright went out, and it is exhibited for nothing.
http://www6.ocn.ne.jp/~polestar/ Online novel review library. URL which is taking out the novel on-line is collected.
http://www.papy.co.jp/ Electronic bookstore Papy Les. He is doing his best in electronic publishing also here.
http://kappa.cplaza.ne.jp/ Kobunsha Publishing electronic bookstore. Kobunsha Publishing which holds a reputed writer offers the its company publication by electronic publishing.

- If you buy a book
http://www.maruzen.co.jp/ Maruzen manages Maruzen Internet shop it is .
The searched book can be purchased here.
http://bookweb.kinokuniya.co.jp/ Kinokuniya It manages. Kinokuniya Book web it is .
The searched book can be purchased here.
http://www.yaesu-book.co.jp/ Yaesu Book Center It is a homepage to manage.
The searched book can be purchased here.

- Commission is also doing its best.
https://www.honya-town.co.jp/index.html Nippan of commission is the number homepage of management "book and town."
The book which is flowing into the bookstore via commission can be searched.
http://www.bookmall.co.jp/ It is a homepage of the technical book which Nikkyohan of commission manages.
http://www.bekkoame.ne.jp/~much/access/shop/shoppage.html It is a homepage of a district and the Koide version distribution center company store "publishing house access." The publication of the Koide version company can be known.

- If the past publication is investigated
http://www.books.or.jp/ It is a homepage which Japan Book Publishers Association manages.
The maximum data base of book information issued in Japan can be searched.

- If a second-hand copy is looked for
http://murasakishikibu.co.jp/oldbook/ It is the Internet antiquarian bookshop advice.

- If it is the publication information and the book review of major newspaper publishing companies, it is here.
http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/bookstand/index.htm "Book stand." The homepage in which the Yomiuri Shimbun is deploying service of search of a book review, best seller information, and books etc.

- It is a list of main publishing companies.
http://www.jbpa.or.jp/member/frame.htm Japan Book Publishers Association has stretched the link to the member company.

- If you want to know about publishing trade
http://www.bookmall.co.jp/bunka/ The newspaper of the publishing trade speciality of "cultural communications" is issued.

- If you want to know the data of the title of a journal, circulation, etc.
http://www.j-magazine.or.jp/FIPP/FIPPJ/ It is a homepage which Japan Magazine Publishers' Association manages. The information on the journal issued in Japan is obtained.

- If online software is downloaded
http://www.vector.co.jp/ Vector. There is shareware of a Windows system and a Mac system abundantly.
http://www.forest.impress.co.jp/ Mado-no-mori. Impress is managing.
http://download.ascii.jp/ Download ASCII. As for the object for the object for Windows, and Macs, software is assembled.
http://shareware.cnet.com/ Shareware Qom. Overseas shareware is abundant. How about being good at an English-language edition?

- A volunteer also introduces. Site of the volunteer who is not related to specific political party and political organization is introduced.
http://www.nhk.or.jp/nhkvnet/ Volunteer network. Volunteer bodies all over the country can be questioned at the site which NHK is managing.

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